Tech Study Plans give students 
and researchers descriptions of
experiments that, if conducted,
could yield timely results to
improve the world in the
public's interest.
Summer Fellowship

example topics
Evaluating the impact of the design of fundraising platforms on donation efficacy Protecting financial transaction data on online payment platforms Investigating bias in online search autosuggestions Investigating gender, race and ethnic discrimination on job recommendation websites Social connectedness and augmented reality Targeting of social service beneficiaries Deepfake Investigations Social Media and Student Mental Health Police use of consumer security systems Identity theft investigations Home privacy and real estate Disability discrimination on interview platforms Online dating services outing of LGB+ users Vulnerabilities from phone number identification hacking Not everyone's online search yields the same search results Autonomous vehicles and city government Social cooling and the individual’s control of their data Digital vaccine passports Distributed privacy-preserving advertising Autogenerated hatred content on social media Trading exchanges in the cryptocurrency era Geographical price discrimination in airfare prices
our hypothesis

If you want to save the world, we can help. We offer curated research proposals that can make the world a better place. We provide the outline, as well as specific tasks to conduct, and you bring the resolution.

Our proposals focus on addressing tension between society and technology. Many plans even expose vulnerable systems that important organizations rely on. We like to work with researchers from virtually any discipline, including but not limited to, social science, computer science, political science, economics, statistics, and psychology. Below are some examples of completed summaries.